Jenn's Book

Hi Y'all, Im Jenn! Im a Thirty something Mom from California. I have a fabulous husband and 4 pretty great kiddos. I love gardening, and shopping at my local farmers markets. I have a great love for food! I feed my family locally raised and grass fed meat! Most of our food I grow in our backyard. We raise chickens for eggs and try to eat as sustainable as possible.

I love to try many new recipes! I have a love for cooking, baking and canning. When I saw Emeril  Lagasse's new book Farm to Fork... Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh, I knew this book was for me! It has such a diversity of recipes using many types of  vegetables and locally raised livestock. This book has something for everyone, from vegetarian to meat eaters.

'Farm to Fork" by Emeril Lagasse

If you love to cook locally and grow your own food, this is a perfect book for you. The recipes go from Oils to breads, veggies to desserts, meats to canning and grains to dairy. A wide selection of recipes and ideas. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I will making them!