About Our Project

"After I found the book, "1 Stock, 100 Soups" at World Market, I had the idea to cook through the whole cookbook.  I texted back and forth with Jenn about it, and Jenn suggested that we do a blog together, each cooking through a book.  What a fabulous idea!  '2 Moms + 2 Books = Delicious' was born!"

"Our goal is to cook through our books over a period of two years.  Since my book has 100 recipes, 1 soup a week will take most of 2 years.  I will try my best to post a soup every week. "

"We hope you like our blog!  We love your comments"

Have Fun!


"After talking with Trina about her idea to do a whole cookbook and blog about it. I decided to join her in cooking through a whole book in 2 years! I have chosen, Farm to Fork... Cooking Local, Cooking fresh by Emeril Lagasse. With my love for gardening and buying fresh local food from local farmers and farmers markets, I thought this book was a perfect match for me. Cooking with the freshest ingredients always makes for great food."

My book contains 160 recipes. I plan on doing 2-3 a week. I'm very excited to be doing this with my good friend Trina. Most things I will be growing! What I don't grow will be bought from local farmers. I hope you join us on our journey! Don't forget, we LOVE to hear what you think! So leave us comments!

Happy Cooking!!!....